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Moving from a small retail store in 1973 ( The Audiophile ) at 21 years old, it seems like a dream after all these great years. But we aren’t finished yet. There is a whole new world, a new market and buyer and we are ready to take it on.


Our Story

Where It All Began

After a short stint in the Audio/Video retail market in Southern California as, The Audiophle showroom (1973 – 1977), soon after WestWorld Marketing was formed to service the local High-End retailers specializing in State-of- the-Art audio components.

Within a few years, WestWorld Marketing quickly became recognized as a top performing Rep Firm and educator doing sales training and presenations.

In 1991, WestWorld Distributing opened and PremiereHTS Home Theater Seating was launch in 1998, quickly becoming pioneers in this new category of leather seating for an exploding Home Theater Seating market.

With an ever changing economy and demographic, PremiereHTS and WestWorld Marketing have once again developed a new designer centered marketing plan and showroom featuring the very best in Interior Design here in Reno, Nevada. 

In the Spotlight

Awards & Recognitions

With over 40 awards as Distributor and Representative of the Year, both WestWorld Marketing & Distribution achieved the respect and reputation that it still holds today. From 1973 – 2019 we are proud of the prestine position that our company has earned over those 46 years.



States & Beyond


"What Clients Have Said"

“Always count on him”

I've worked with Michael for almost 20 years starting at Westwood Marketing then at Avodah Publishing. Michael has always been direct, honest and a pleasure to work with (not to mention a great friend)! I know if I ever needed something from Michael (business or personal) and it was in his power help me, I could always count on him. I hope to work with him again some day.

Randy Bingham

Audio Plus Services

Phoenix, Arizona

“Satisfied Clients”

“We have worked exclusively with PremiereHTS Theater Seating since 2003 and have many satisfied clients that rave about the quality, style, and comfort of their seating. In our opinion, through Westworld Marketing, PremiereHTS Home Theater Seating is the best value in the industry.”

Mark Profitt, Owner - AVID      Lexington, Kentucky

“Above and Beyond”

We have been a Premiere HTS dealer for many years. We have found the quality to be outstanding and even more important for us as a dealer, we have found the support of Westworld M&D to be equally outstanding. Michael has gone above and beyond countless times to help us with sales and information.

Kevin Marshall,  Theater-Pro    General Manager

Buffalo, NY

"Just Flat Gets It"

I have known Michael Laurino and done business with him for over a decade. During that time frame we have gotten to know each other very well,  I understand what has made him a successful businessman and mentor.

It’s that he truly values the clientele, the dealers & their relationships that he is involved with. Michael just flat gets it and he knows how to do the right thing every time.

Russ Vukonich, Eyehear 

Kalispell, Montana


What We Offer

Monthly Client Support

We are diligent in our ongoing dealer and client visits each month. Our relationships are our most valuable asset.

Passion & Experience

We can’t and won’t just sell anything. Passion drives us and experience makes us the professionals we have become.

Partnership Attitude

We don’t consider the companies we represent as just a product or a paycheck. We consider them our partners.

Creative Design Ideas

Our design ideas have been developed over years of working in each field of design, sales and merchandising.

Proven Performance

Experience and success can only come after years of proven techniques and hands on training and hard work.

Friendship & Laughter

And last but not least, our clients and manufacturers aren’t just business relationships but trusted friends.

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Not only a sales support team, but a showroom facility by exclusive appointment only, to support each designer, retailer and client wanting a hands on experience when it come to seeing and supporting each product line.


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