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As the founder and owner of both WestWorld Marketing and PremiereHTS, I have dedicated my adult career in Design, Marketing, Photography, Publishing and Retail, forming a wide range of products, experiences and industries. My passion is only surpassed by my knowledge in the many fields I have pursued.



Simply Brilliant

Few have ventured outside of their narrow market place. At WestWorld Marketing we have taken 46 years of combined experience and developed steps to marry the Design Interior Industry with the Audio/Video Home Entertainment custom market. Together, we can offer a complete solution for the new modern Home…

Top Skills

Creative Sales & Marketing

It takes a team of Professionals with the same Passions, Vision and Energy to develop a successful and profitable relationship between client, retailer, designer and manufacturer. That is were a great representative and Industry veteran comes into play to guide you through the process… 

Michael R Laurino


As Founder/CEO and President, Michael has driven his companies to the pinnacle of each Industry, now celebrating 46 years of success.

Montana Dreamin’


Spending many years as a Publisher and Photographer, now residing in Northern Nevada developing a whole new category of sales, service and design.

Sales & Design Service

Doing it all…

From concept, to CAD, planning, to art, furnishing, systems electronics, etc. Your dreams are the only limitation, but we can make them come true. Let’s plan an appointment and dream together. No pressure, but an individual, uninterrupted atmosphere.

Client Comment

“The Best in the Business…”

Dennis Erskine

I only recommend products which are of high quality and come from companies with integrity. I have had PremiereHTS motorized seats in daily use in my own home for 20 years. Today they still look new and operate flawlessly. I have sold or recommended PremiereHTS and WestWorld Marketing’s support from the very start, and have know Michael for the same time period.

Dennis Erskine

Erskine Group, Inc.

“How many Times…”

Ash Sharma… purchased in 2007

How many times have you bought a piece of furniture which looks good and feels awesome even 12 years  after use? And how many tiems have you called a manfaturer after 12 yers and they have gone over and beyond to s, where the trasfomwer cable to by ervice the product as if you bought is 30 days ago? Even though in my case, where the tranformer cable was strtched and broken due to my bad handleing.

I recommend Michael and PremiereHTS  gretly – there are very few companies that provide customer service like this! 

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